Jerry Siegel’s Red and Yellow

Jerry Siegel
Red and Yellow
20X15 archival inkjet print
Edition: 1/7, signed on verso

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Bright and concentrated, Jerry Siegel’s series Chromatics seeks to create meditations on color and architecture. Siegel is notable for his 2011 monograph “Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists” and “Black Belt Color” a collection of images over decades from his hometown, Selma, AL.


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Jerry Siegel presents a series of photographs titled “Chromatics.” With the world moving so fast around us, it’s hard to slow down and really absorb the colors and textures of everyday life. In this series of photographs, Jerry challenged himself to slow down and to take a closer look at the world around him. This series of photographs marvel at the mundane - the brilliant colors and textures that surround us. Each image was taken from his drivers’ seat window, a perspective not uncommon to all of us. "Red and Yellow" was taken in Atlanta, GA.

Photographer Jerry Siegel was born and raised in Selma and graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta. His first monograph, “Facing South: Portraits of Southern Artists,” was published by the University of Alabama Press in 2011. This body of work has been featured in solo exhibitions at six museums in Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. His photographs are in many private and corporate collections, including those of the Ogden Museum of Art, the Birmingham Museum of Art, and eleven other southeastern US museums. Jerry Siegel's latest monograph "Black Belt Color," features images from decades of documenting his hometown of Selma, Alabama, and the surrounding area. These images set forth the unique cultural landscape of that area, known as the Black Belt. Jerry currently lives in Atlanta.