Shawn Campbell’s Urban

Shawn Campbell
17×22 inch print; framed & signed on verso
Edition: 4/5

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Ones to Watch artist Shawn Campbell uses the influence of Pop Art and collage to create this minimal piece. Campbell uses recurring influences like movies, media, and the television screen to question the power of media.


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"Western Theater"

Shawn Campbell is an artist located in the Southeast United States. He earned a bachelor of fine arts with a concentration in photography from The University of Akron and a master of fine arts with a concentration in studio art from The University of Georgia. Campbell’s work engages within the spectacle of military, football, myth, religion, propaganda, and government. Its threads are woven together to form and uncover unexpected relationships between them. Borrowing from the aesthetics of Minimalism, Baroque, Pop Art, and Byzantine iconography, Campbell’s work also utilizes a variety of mediums including photography, sculpture, video, installation, and painting. The work is able to function in a broad and open manner due to its recognizable media and art-historical references, presenting questions and granting the viewer the opportunity to connect within the work openly.