Gabriella Wyke’s When I Dance

Gabriella Wyke
16×20, framed, uneditioned, unsigned

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When I Dance is a story about my journey and relationship with dance. what preparation looks like, what I look like physically and what I experience during a performance.

I met Dance before I met Walk so I danced until I could not.
Pain and mourning visited when I saw the other little girls in their leos and ballet shoes but the season was not mine so Dance and I parted.
When we reconciled, things were different yet fresh and new.
Dance and I were one again. Once again,
I danced.
Now, when I dance it is not just for show
but for honor and glory to Him who sits high and looks low.

Gabriella Wyke is an artist who was born and raised in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago where her passion for art was first discovered and developed. Only later in her teenage years was she introduced to photography when she and her family were posted by their military to Toronto, Canada in 2010. There, she took her first photography class and learned a variety of photographic processes that were both film and digital based.

Several years later, Wyke finally made the decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia and pursue a photography degree at Savannah College of Art and Design. In May 2020, Wyke graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography from SCAD and now works as a freelance photographer in Trinidad and Tobago where it all started. Some of her most recent work is centered around social issues of racial prejudice against black men and gender based violence against women in her community as she believes in unity and equality of life for all.