Pierre Solomon’s Will I Have?

Pierre Solomon
Will I Have?
24×16, framed

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Ones to Watch artist Pierre Solomon’s work blends method and meaning to create vignettes of dream states like Bill Jacobson and Ralph Eugene Meatyard.


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I often find myself conflicted, and constantly challenging my self worth.

My skewed perception of my image has several effects on my state of mind, which typically leads me to isolation.

I desire the feeling of love, happiness, and peace of mind

Though I do not feel I will ever truly possess any of them.

Still I wonder, Will I have?

Pierre Solomon was born in Chicago, raised in both Florida and Georgia.

"At a young age I developed a skewed perception of my image or how I am portrayed to others.

In result, this has affected my state of mind, close relationships and general social interactions.

During the 8th grade my mom would often gift me cameras which lead me to gain an interest for photography.

With no schooling, I taught myself how to operate both digital and 35mm film cameras.
I would photograph miscellaneously for quite some time, and it was not until 2017 where my passion for photography evolved conceptually through the influence of artists such as Carrie Mae Weems and Robert Mapplethorpe. From there I became more aware of my past and deeply investigated the traumatic events.

As my work resumes to develop, I intend to continue exploring my inner frustration and express my mind in the most candid way possible."