Corinne Adams’ Spirit of Place – Woods 1

Corinne Adams
Archival Digital Print
Height/Width: 14×8.89, unframed
Edition: n/a, signed on verso

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Corinne Adams’ series, Spirit of Place, is a whimsical approach to photography and sculpture. With curiosity and imagination, Adams creates moments of wonder in nature and gives us a glimpse into the magic happening all around us.


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Nature, at a glance, is random and chaotic. Yet underlying this complex system are intricate patterns and bold repetitions. I’m called into nature to meditate on my relationship with it and to create compositions that offer a still point to the apparent disorder. I arrange and rearrange natural forms to dialogue with each other in new and unexpected ways. It gives me joy that this work is ephemeral, here for only a moment, to signify what lies eternally beneath and beyond. My process has helped me navigate my life during the pandemic as I embrace disorder and use my creative spirit to gain a new perspective. In so doing, I nurture myself and connect to the natural world in a meaningful way. It feels like hope.

Corinne Adams is an Atlanta artist who uses photography to evoke a world of imagination and mystery. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia, Gregg Museum of Art (Raleigh, N.C.), Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and Los Angeles International airports and corporate collections across the U.S. Corinne is co-founder of ATLANTA CELEBRATES PHOTOGRAPHY, the city’s annual October photography festival. her work has been reviewed in national and international media, and she is included in the Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography (2005, Routledge Press).