Nathan Dean’s So Still a Thing

Nathan Dean
So Still a Thing
18×12 inch archival inkjet print, signed on verso
Edition: 2/8

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Nathan Dean’s calming black and white image is as delicate as Imogen Cunningham’s delicate images she took to ground the medium of photography. Dean’s work is pensive and poetic, yet entirely grounded in the moment.


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"How strange that grass should sing - Grass is so still a thing" wrote the poet Gwendolyn Bennett. Though still and fragile, a leaf of grass has a song with the power to sunder rock and concrete.

Can an image, also still and fragile, sing with such power too?

Nathan Dean, a Tennessee native with a PhD in physics from Cambridge University in England, traveled the world during a distinguished career in academe, visiting - and photographing - in more than eighty countries.