Christina Price Washington’s 2019 exhibition at Swan Coach House Gallery

Updated: 20210714

Participate as a Venue

If you are a venue (online or real-world gallery, museum, alternative art space, retail shop, anywhere with walls, etc…) and you would like to participate in the ACP festival, here is some information to get you started:

Q: How can I locate artists to feature in my venue?

A: Ask around! Everybody is one degree of separation from a photography enthusiast. If you still need ideas, ask your local school’s photography teacher or your local photography club (Atlanta Photography Group, Roswell Photographic Society, Georgia Nature Photographers Association, Southeastern Photographic Society, etc.). If you have exhausted these resources, reach out to us at ACP.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in the ACP festival?

A: Participation in the ACP festival has many benefits. Your venue will be publicized to many thousands of people through our online festival guide and iPhone app. During the festival, we send a weekly email blast that lists events for the coming week, in which your event will be promoted to 7k+ subscribers. We’ll share your online listing with nearly 12k followers across our social-media channels, with our Instagram @acpfest receiving 190k+ impressions during last year’s festival, and our festival website attracting 50k pageviews.

Also, as an ACP participating venue, you can keep us informed of your events throughout the year and we will announce them on across our social channels.

Q: What dates are acceptable?

A: The festival guides will go live mid-September, so it does not make sense to have an event before mid-September. We stop coverage of the weekly events after the first week of November. To make sure your event gets the coverage it deserves, it’s best to schedule it between September 15th and November 1st.

Q: What about COVID-19?

A: ACP believes we should always find innovative ways to share our art with the world. We encourage events that meet current CDC guidelines.

Q: How do I decide which digital platform will work best for my exhibition/artist talk/workshop, etc?

A: Let ACP host your exhibition! If you do not have your own website, or do not wish to host your exhibition on your own site, ACP has partnered with exposure.co to offer a beautiful, flexible solution for displaying as many photographs as you’d like. We’re calling it an “enhanced Festival Guide listing” and here’s a demo of an example. If you select this option, you’ll be sent instructions on how to create your exhibition upon checkout, and ACP can assist, as needed.

If you’d like to plan a livestreaming or online talk, workshop, etc. and need help deciding which platform to use, here is a resource that may be helpful: What live streaming platform should you use? You’ll be able to specifically list each event, and their platform, in your Festival Guide listing. ACP will contact you for your online event links in early September, so you’ve got time!

Q: What if we are planning a group show?

A: Group shows are great! You will need to decide on 1 – 3 images to accompany your listing. If you don’t have an image from the show, an installation shot of your venue works well, or you may use your venue logo.

And if you’d like to feature all of the images in the group show, please consider our enhanced Festival Guide listing!

Q: Can we plan a lecture, book signing or special event along with our exhibition?

A: Absolutely! There’s a way to list extra events associated with your exhibition in the festival guide. All ACPfest participating venues will be asked to take into consideration CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 and make certain your event complies with these guidelines, or is otherwise held online.

Q: How do I get my event(s) listed in the Festival Guide and apps?

A: The festival guide listing tool is now closed in preparation for a September 7 launch.

Q: What do I need to list my event in the Festival Guide?

A: For starters, you will need a large jpg, sized at 1000 to 3000 pixels wide (or long), at 72dpi, sRGB color space. Keep in mind that you must have permission to use the image (if you did not take it yourself) and that ACP may use the image on our website.

If planning online events, you will need to consider if it is a private event (people will sign up, email you for the link or otherwise register in advance via Eventbrite or some other method) or a public event (participation link or info will be published widely in advance, no sign-ups necessary).