Nancy Grace Horton’s Independence

Nancy Grace Horton
17″ x 17″ archival pigment print, 21″ x 21″ framed
Edition: 2/10

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My photographs are investigations of female gender roles as influenced by American culture and mass media. This body of work is a 21st century extension of feminist concerns regarding the media’s portrayal of women. More specifically, I am interested in the explicit and implicit power relations that are constructed and maintained by mediatized systems of representation. Using narrative fragments that confound the conventions of popular culture, I explore the norms of female behavior—and misbehavior. I am inspired by cinema, TV, magazines, and personal experiences. My creative process is planned but unscripted. It is exploratory, but with firm goals and boundaries. Props, models (who are often friends), and locations act as catalysts for the development of strong, graphic compositions that suggest fragments of an untold story. I intend my work to confront the viewer with hidden preconceptions with regard to women’s constructed roles within society.

Nancy Grace Horton is a visual artist working primarily in photography. Her goal is to explore contemporary culture, gender roles, and sexual identity, and to provoke conversations on these topics. She begins with narrative images and strong compositions, and then emphasizes the social context and connections by presenting them with a variety of media—video, fabric, clothing, and interviews. The work is graphic, narrative, often humorous, and invites engagement with the viewer.