Three Upcoming Events at #acpfest Participating Venues

There are three ACP events at participating venues over the weekend, and into the beginning of next week. Click the photos below for more info!
© Rob Amberg (detail)
Opening reception for Rob Amberg's "Little Worlds: A Work in Progress" at Fall Line Press, Friday, Sept. 8th, 6:30-8:30

© Jerry Siegel (detail)
Opening reception for Jerry Siegel's "Black Belt Color" at Spalding Nix - Friday, Sept. 8th 6-8PM

© Helen DeRamus (detail)
Exhibition open (by appointment) New Growth at Blue Heron Nature Preserve, starting Sept. 11th


ACP Statement about “The Georgia FENCE” at Art on the BeltLine

"ACP is dedicated to enriching the Atlanta community with photography of all kinds, from fine art to documentary. We realize in our passion to spread the love of photography and the powerful messages it can convey, it is important to provide context and choose venues with thought and care.

We missed the mark with the way our Georgia Fence project on the BeltLine’s Westside Trail was introduced to the community and want to apologize to the community and to the photographer. The work in question depicts a wonderful program that introduces dogs to inmates in the Fulton County Jail. The program is designed to benefit both the animals, who are from shelters, and the inmates, who build confidence and viable job skills.

ACP is a diverse organization with events and exhibits that celebrate many different ethnic and cultural communities. When we get it right, we bring people together. We look forward to continuing the conversation with all members of our community and will always strive to be a positive force for bringing people together through art and the dialogue it can create."

ACP 2017 Festival Guide (PDF) & Online-Only Listings

While our online ACP 2017 Festival Guide will be the definitive up-to-date reflection of the Festival, a PDF is available of the printed Festival Guide, which will arrive at the end of the month. Happy to have Marilyn Minter's "Torrent" grace the cover this year. Come see her ACP Lecture Series talk at the Woodruff Arts Center, Rich Theater, on October 12th!

If you missed the printed Festival Guide deadline this spring, and would still like to have an event or exhibition in the Festival, please sign-up before Sept. 8th, so we can include you in the online Festival Guide, the forthcoming iPhone app, and all of our promotions. Sign-up is here:



Mark Caceres opening at Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, Thursday, 6-9PM


The Georgia FENCE, now on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail!

The Georgia FENCE is now installed on the Atlanta BeltLine's Westside Trail, featuring the work of Casey Brown, Blake Burton, Fernando Decillis, Andrew Feiler, Nick Gruenberg, Patrick Heagney, Kelly Kline, Paige McFall, Dorothy O'Connor & Michael Reese.

Glad to see The Georgia FENCE back in Atlanta after touring cities across Georgia during 2016! Here's a map to the location:, which is at the MLK Jr. Dr. SW crossing.


Beate Sass opening reception at ASOP, Saturday, Aug 19th


Fall Line Press Annual Workshop

Our friends and neighbors at Fall Line Press have a new workshop: Places and People - The Deep Essay With Photographs and Words.


The 2017 FENCE on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail

We had a great day installing THE FENCE yesterday. It's up until November, and we hope you enjoy it! Here's a map.

We've posted a gallery of images (and a GIF!) over on Medium.


Scott Cunningham Exhibition – On View through Aug. 14th

Check out our post on Medium for a few views from the Scott Cunningham exhibition that's on view through Aug. 14th at Westside Cultural Arts Center. Here's a great interview with Scott by Joeff Davis at Creative Loafing.


Atlanta Loses a Visual Voice

Photo via AJC

The thing about clichés is that they are often true. Of course, that’s a cliché too, but sometimes they sum up a feeling that is hard to express any other way. We have the idea ingrained in us. If you write around the cliché then the reader immediately thinks of the cliché, so I might as well skip the middleman and get right to it.

“It takes a village.”

A village can be a metaphor for any kind of community, and Atlanta’s photography village was diminished this week with the passing of longtime AJC photo editor Kent Johnson. Our paths never crossed but I know many of his friends and was moved by the visceral depth of grief and love expressed at his passing.

One of John Donne’s more elegiac quotes is: “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in all mankind…” and likewise, the loss of someone dear to so many people dear to me, is a loss of the opportunity to know him, and by knowing him to grow and learn from his life.

Atlanta is a photography town. When I moved here forty years ago, we received the visual information about our city through the newspaper. Now it surrounds us, and indeed we all contribute to it through our phones, tablets, and even cameras. There are literally millions of images bombarding us daily. But it takes an informed eye to sift through the miasma of pixels to find those that truly inform. That was Kent’s job and according to his colleagues, he was a master.

There are photography groups, clubs, organizations - both professional and amateur - throughout the city, but mine is Atlanta Celebrates Photography, and on behalf of all of us, my condolences to Kent’s friends and family. Your loss is a loss to us all.

We also know our city better through words and AJC reporter Ernie Suggs has been informing us as a reporter for the AJC for twenty years. He was Kent’s friend and colleague. His words will bring depth to Kent’s life in a way that I can’t. Here is his tribute: Kent Johnson Tribute.

(Thanks to ACP Board Vice-President Billy Howard for writing this thoughtful remembrance.)


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