Two (more) Incredible Photographs!

© Stephanie Eley

© Billy Weeks - "82 year old Lilly Martinez, in front of her house with her horse near Dolores, Honduras."

We want to see your incredible photographs and this week we're sharing Stephanie Eley's and Billy Weeks'.

Catch-up with both Stephanie and Billy's work here:
Stephanie Eley (new ACP board member): Web | Instagram
Billy Weeks: Web | Instagram

Previous entries: John Fulton and Dustin Grau

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Student-Led Petition to Reverse Decision to End Gwinnet Tech Photography Program

Gwinnett Tech students have created a petition in support of the photography program at their school, which has been terminated. We urge you to take a look at the comments of students (and former graduates) on the page, and do whatever you can to support Gwinnett Tech photography students and faculty.

ACP has both roots and current ties to students and teachers at Gwinnett Tech, and values the quality & specificity of what the program offers. Oversight of Gwinnett Tech is through the Technical College System of Georgia.

"Recently the President of Gwinnett Technical College, Dr. Glen Cannon, announced the termination of the Photography program. There was no indication it was coming, nor why it happened. It is our hope that with enough signatures the school board will reconsider the decision. This program is a wonderful program that has produced 100's of talented artist, many of whom are well known in the their field. Please sign this petition to stand with us and save not only the Photography Program at Gwinnett Tech, but to help remind people how important the arts and creativity are to the world."
"Photography has never been more accessible than it is now given the proliferation of cell phones. But camera in hand does not a skilled photographer make. The technical skill and knowledge required to master photography make a program like this critical. Please, GTC, reconsider this devastating and shameful decision. - Debbie S."
"This is a solid program with a great track record and legacy. Supporting the arts takes courage in today's academic and budgetary environment. Stay strong, GTC! - Bill M."

Blake Burton’s New Book on Ponce City Market – Artist’s Talk, May 30

Two Incredible Photographs!

© John Fulton

© Dustin Grau
We've been impressed with the photos we've been receiving in our current search for incredible photographs to feature on Both John Fulton and Dustin Grau sent in the two photographs above (post-storm skyline and a rooster!) which are now being featured on our homepage.

Catch-up with both John and Dustin's work here:
John Fulton: Web | Instagram
Dustin Grau: Web | Instagram

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ACP Festival Guides & Getting Ready for ACP 2018 – Our 20th Year!

It's our 20th year, and there's no time like the present to think about how you can participate (as an artist, or a venue) in ACP 2018!

If you're planning an exhibition for later this year, taking a look at ACP Festival Guides from past years can be a big help. There are lists of venues you can contact, and generally, they offer a great way to understand the scale and scope of what it means for Atlanta to Celebrate Photography!

Here are the last few years of Festival Guides, in PDF form. Have a look - we hope they inspire you to participate in 2018. We'll be open for receiving your listing(s) for the ACP Festival Guide in May, and the deadline will be in late-June. The price to create a listing will remain unchanged from 2017 - $160, a bargain to be part of the country's largest annual community-based photography festival!


We Want to Feature Your Incredible Photographs

ACP has spent the last 20 years working to be a helpful resource for Georgia photographers and photo-related businesses, and we are rabid fans of the incredible photographic talent in our community.

Over the years, we've amassed an archive of photographs documenting ACP events and programs, and while they're good pictures, these images don’t convey the breadth and quality of talent in our area.

To remedy this, we’d really like to showcase YOUR photographs, on the homepage, for example. With over 30,000 people visiting our site annually, we want to make sure they see your work in addition to pictures of people enjoying and attending ACP programs!

Of course, you will be given proper photo credit, and we will even link to your site. Rest assured we will never use your image in any commercial (for profit) context.

If you're a Georgia-based photographer and would like to submit some images for consideration, please use the form here:

ACP Open Call for Incredible Photographs

Thank you!

Recycle Your Camea Gear for Earth Day!

Recycle Your Camera Gear for Earth Day!

Bodies! Lenses! Bags! Tripods! It's a great time to refresh and clean your closets of cameras and equipment, plus, your gear can help support ACP.

Drop-off your gear at Brickworks Gallery, Abernathy Arts Center or Southwest Arts Center.  Please see hours and availability below.

Brickworks Gallery
686-A Greenwood Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
Contact: Laura Adams
Camera Recycle dates: April 18th – April 22nd, 12-6pm

Southwest Arts Center
915 New Hope Road SW
Atlanta GA 30331
Contact: Cheryl Odeleye
Camera Recycle dates: April 18th – April 20th, 8:30am – 5pm
Abernathy Art Center
254 Johnson Ferry Road NW
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Contact: Laura Marie Martin
Camera Recycle dates: April 18th – April 20th, 9am – 5pm
A very special thank you to Brickworks Gallery, Fulton County Arts and Culture, and KEH for making this happen!


“Growing Up Human” April 28th at Terminus

Exhibition Dates: April 28 – July 25

Location: Gallery Walk at Terminus, Building 200, 3333 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Atlanta Photography Group and Gallery Walk at Terminus are proud to present, “Growing Up Human,” an exhibition of photographic portraits focused on the universally shared experiences of childhood and love. Although every individual experiences these rites of passage in their own unique way, viewers we can all relate to these images. Curated by Nick Ashton, the show features the work of these artists: Mark Caceres, Maggie Callahan, Shannon Davis, Erin Fender, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Henry Jacobs, JOEKINGATL, Kasey Medlin, Beate Sass, Todd Suttles, Parker Smith, and Yolanda Santiago White.

“Mermaids Are Real” – An Underwater Photography Experience w/ Perry Julien

Owner of Instagram Testifies to Congress

In a world where more than half a billion people share photographs every single day on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg's influence, and dare say, ownership of the future of photography cannot be underestimated.


In the office yesterday (and this morning) we listened to Mr. Zuckerberg's testimony, waiting to hear a mention of an ad-free, algorithm-free version of the InstaFace universe, where users could "see what they want to see," rather than receiving the ad-infused, chronologically-disordered feeds we're all currently being served on Instagram and Facebook.

While over time, Facebook has become a pay-to-play space that makes it increasingly difficult for small businesses and non-profits to reach audiences who've already declared their preference to receive our posts, there's no doubt that the power of Mr. Zuckerberg's tools will continue to influence arts & culture (and arts & culture organizations) well into the future.

(For more about how small arts non-profits are dealing with the current capriciousness of Facebook's algorithms, please see Steve Lambert's revealing and impassioned "Why Facebook is a Waste of Time - and Money - for Arts Nonprofits.")

Beyond Instagram and Facebook's photo-sharing, it was fascinating to see working photographers at the hearing, elbow-to-elbow, awaiting his arrival, and getting their pics before Grassley's gavel began banging.

Here's a crop of Leah Mills' photo for Reuters:

And here's Andrew Harnick, photographing for AP during Mr. Zuckerberg's arrival:

But one of the most interesting visual representations of the testimony was Harnick's photograph of Mr. Zuckerberg's notes. The original, below, followed by a cropped, rotated version.

I was going to follow-up with an update from Wednesday's testimony, specifically a passage where Mr. Zuckerberg was discussing how a particular use case of "sharing a photograph" affects the ownership of that photograph. When transcripts are available (testimony is still happening at the moment) I'll update this post with that information.

- MDM 20180411

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