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Fulton County Arts & Culture – Public Art Program – Fine Art Acquisition Program

Carl Martin Artist’s Talk at APG, June 21

"Join APG for a special Speaking of Photography featuring Athens-based photographer Carl Martin, as he leads us on a journey chronicling his 25-year photographic practice and previews his highly anticipated monograph Carl Martin: The Book.

Thursday, June 21st at 7:00pm
APG Main Gallery
75 Bennett St. NW Suite B-1
Atlanta, GA 30308

*Image caption: Carl Martin, "Towards Salvage," 1994-1998*"

Ed. note: MDM edited the forthcoming title from Carl Martin / Fall Line Press and made this post.

Save Our Date: Oct. 6, ACP 20th Anniversary Auction Gala

Announcing our Honorary Chairpersons for the 2018 ACP Auction Gala!

Laura Adams and Andrew Feiler will add both style and substance to the 2018 festivities. Laura is a nationally exhibited visual artist. Her signature collage technique employs meticulous layering to create seemingly three-dimensional works celebrating themes of nature. Andrew, Laura's husband, is an artistic and documentary photographer. He serves on numerous boards, is active in civic endeavors, and is as a conscientious advisor to elected officials and political candidates.

Together Laura and Andrew opened Brickworks Gallery on the Atlanta BeltLine in late 2016. Featuring the work of over 25 artists, Brickworks Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the work of talented and inspired artists whose work tells compelling stories.

Let's join together and celebrate photography in Atlanta on October 6th! Tickets available soon.

[Video] Nowness: Dennis Morris

Help Us Find THE FENCE a New Home!

After an incredibly successful four-year run on the Atlanta Beltline's Eastside Trail, THE FENCE finds itself in need of a new home for October.

What we need:

1. An existing fence that spans a minimum of 700 feet (or proximate sections totaling at least 700 feet) for us to attach THE FENCE.
2. Must be in a safe, pedestrian-active zone (THE FENCE is not suitable for viewing from a car and is best seen on foot or bicycle).
If you know a great location in Fulton County, where THE FENCE can be presented in its entirety, please let us know.

Over the last four years, THE FENCE has showcased some of the world's best photography from an international call for entries (including The FENCE 2017 Juror's Choice winner, Atlanta's own Joshua McFadden).
As the largest public exhibition of photography in North America, THE FENCE will appear simultaneously in eight cities in 2018, including Brooklyn, Boston, Durham, Denver, Santa Fe, Sarasota, and Calgary.

ACP appreciates all the love, support & attention you've given THE FENCE on the Eastside Trail over the last four years. We look forward to showcasing THE FENCE in it's new location as we celebrate ACP's 20th anniversary this October!
Please fill out this form to let us know if you can help find THE FENCE a new home!
Regards and thanks,


Jutoria’s Lily Pads

© Jutoria
We want to see your incredible photographs and this week we're sharing Jutoria's lily pads.

Catch-up with Jutoria here: Web | Instagram

Previous entries:
Stephanie Eley & Billy Weeks
John Fulton & Dustin Grau

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A Call to Action

Getting started is difficult. Sometimes we need to be jarred into action. That's what Ross Oscar Knight captured in this photo from Haiti, where an elder is blowing a conch shell to wake up his mountain community that was without electricity and running water.

We are fortunate that Atlanta Celebrates Photography has plenty of electricity and water. We have a different call to action. We need your support to continue creating encounters with photography that enrich people's lives.

Please help us get started by supporting ACP with a gift today.

(Photo from Ross Oscar Knight)

Two (more) Incredible Photographs!

© Stephanie Eley

© Billy Weeks - "82 year old Lilly Martinez, in front of her house with her horse near Dolores, Honduras."

We want to see your incredible photographs and this week we're sharing Stephanie Eley's and Billy Weeks'.

Catch-up with both Stephanie and Billy's work here:
Stephanie Eley (new ACP board member): Web | Instagram
Billy Weeks: Web | Instagram

Previous entries: John Fulton and Dustin Grau

Share your incredible photograph with ACP today!

Student-Led Petition to Reverse Decision to End Gwinnet Tech Photography Program

Gwinnett Tech students have created a petition in support of the photography program at their school, which has been terminated. We urge you to take a look at the comments of students (and former graduates) on the page, and do whatever you can to support Gwinnett Tech photography students and faculty.

ACP has both roots and current ties to students and teachers at Gwinnett Tech, and values the quality & specificity of what the program offers. Oversight of Gwinnett Tech is through the Technical College System of Georgia.

"Recently the President of Gwinnett Technical College, Dr. Glen Cannon, announced the termination of the Photography program. There was no indication it was coming, nor why it happened. It is our hope that with enough signatures the school board will reconsider the decision. This program is a wonderful program that has produced 100's of talented artist, many of whom are well known in the their field. Please sign this petition to stand with us and save not only the Photography Program at Gwinnett Tech, but to help remind people how important the arts and creativity are to the world."
"Photography has never been more accessible than it is now given the proliferation of cell phones. But camera in hand does not a skilled photographer make. The technical skill and knowledge required to master photography make a program like this critical. Please, GTC, reconsider this devastating and shameful decision. - Debbie S."
"This is a solid program with a great track record and legacy. Supporting the arts takes courage in today's academic and budgetary environment. Stay strong, GTC! - Bill M."

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