ACP Festival Guide – Digital Launch!

We’ve just launched the digital version of the Festival Guide, and we can’t wait to share all the great events scheduled for this year. In fact, here are ACP’s planned programs, in chronological order — each photo below links to its listing in the Guide. So, have at it, and we’ll see you this weekend at art|DBF!

ACP Photobook Fair – This Weekend! August 30 & 31st at Decatur Book Festival

ACP Public Art – THE FENCE! Currently on view – Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail

My Atlanta Exhibition – Opens Sat., Sept. 27th in Piedmont Park

ACP Opening Party & Teen Spirit Exhibition – Thurs., Oct. 2nd at Pace Academy

Contemporary Latin American Photography Exhibition – Opens Thurs., Oct. 2nd at Woodruff Arts Center, 1280 Gallery

ACP Knowledge Series – Getty Images – Thurs., Oct. 9th at Nat’l Ctr for Civil and Human Rights

ACP Lecture Series – Dan Winters – Fri., Oct. 10th at Portfolio Center

ACP Photography Auction – Fri., Oct. 17th at Mason Murer Fine Art

Self-Guided Gallery Event Tour – Sat., Oct. 18th

ACP Film Series – “Through a Lens Darkly” at SCADshow – Wed., Oct. 22nd

ACP Lecture Series – Graciela Iturbide at Woodruff Arts Center – Thurs., Oct. 23rd

ACP Spotlight Presents: An Evening With The Bitter Southerner – Big Studio – Fri., Oct. 24th

ACP Collaboration: Digital Diaspora Family Reunion – Westside Cultural Arts Center – Sat., Oct. 25th

ACP Closing Party with #weloveatl & New Belgium Brewing – Ponce City Market – Thurs., Oct. 30th

(Photo credits, in order, from the top: ACP; Jan Fields; ACP; ACP; Rogerio Reis; Getty Reportage; Dan Winters; ACP; ACP; Lyle Ashton Harris in collaboration with Thomas Allen Harris; Graciela Iturbide, The Bitter Southerner; DDFR; ACP)

Corrections to the Printed Festival Guide

There are a few significant corrections to the printed ACP Festival Guide that we wanted to call out. With the launch of the online Festival Guide right around the corner, please know the online version will always be the most up-to-date. But unfortunately, there were a few typos that evaded our grasp (my grasp!) as the Guide went to print.

Mea culpa.

Page 26: The zip code for Pace Academy is 30327.
Pages 28 & 57: The Dan Winters artist’s talk, scheduled for Fri., Oct. 10th at Portfolio Center has been moved next door to MOCA GA (directions). Same date & time!

Page 32: October 17th is a Friday night, not Thursday, and it’s going to be a heckuva night!
Page 36 & 65: An Evening With The Bitter Southerner is on Friday, Oct. 24th, not Saturday, the 25th.
Page 50: Listing #045 at Fay Gold Gallery has been cancelled.
Page 55: The title for listing 062 should be “Cemetery Visits

We’ll link these corrections to their corresponding pages in the online Festival Guide as soon as it goes live. And we’ll update this page, throughout the Festival, as necessary. The above changes are reflected in the ACP Festival Guide PDF.

New York Times Reviews “Through a Lens Darkly” – Oct. 22nd at SCADshow

Great to see A. O. Scott’s review of “Through a Lens Darkly” in yesterday’s NYT: “Race Seen Through Viewfinders“.

“The film is always absorbing to watch, but only once it’s over do you begin to grasp the extent of its ambitions, and just how much it has done within a packed, compact hour and a half.”

We’re pleased to be screening “Through a Lens Darkly” during the Festival in conjunction with BronzeLens Film Festival on Wed., Oct. 22nd, at SCADshow, along with a corresponding event: Digital Diaspora Family Reunion: 1World1Family, on Sat., Oct. 25th at Westside Cultural Art Center.

August, Louis Daguerre, the Dinner Party Download, Drinks, and an Upcoming Eclipse Across North Georgia


One of our favorite things is to hear people talking about photography who don’t ordinarily discuss photography — this week’s surprise was a great story about Daguerre and the invention of the Daguerreotype on Episode 267 of Dinner Party Download. [Direct link to audio].

In August of 1839, the French government released Daguerre’s photographic process to the world, a process that was free to use, and soon become a free-for-all. Dinner Party Download investigates this, and goes further, by offering a “signature cocktail” recipe inspired by Daguerre, and in particular, the daguerreotype (don’t call it a photo!) made by Berkowski of the solar eclipse across Russia in July of 1851.

Still with me?

Last week, we learned there will be a full eclipse across the United States in August of 2017, with a flyover over Georgia. It makes one wonder who’ll be inspired by Berkowski into making a daguerreotype of that particular sunblock. You have two years to prepare!

(Daguerreotype of Daguerre (has a ring to it!) by Jean-Baptiste Sabatier-Blot, 1844, via wikipedia.)

ACP Photobook Fair at Decatur Book Festival This Weekend!

We just received confirmation that we’ll have ACP 2014 Festival Guides available this weekend at the Decatur Book Festival. We’ll be at #DBF2014 all weekend with our annual Photobook Fair, featuring Fall Line Press, Ain’t-Bad Magazine, and Daylight Books authors Brady Robinson & Robert Shults. Here’s the forecast, and we’ll be there, rain or shine!

Three Important Details:

1. ACP Photobook Fair will be featuring publishers and artists at the Decatur Book Festival, Sat., 10-6pm & Sun., 12-6pm. Booths 362 & 363!

2. We’ll have ACP 2014 Festival Guides at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend & in the office later this week!

3. The weather this weekend will be great!

Come out to Decatur this weekend to pick-up a Festival Guide (or 5!), see some innovative photobooks, talk to publishers and authors, and we’ll see you there!


(Photo by Timothy J. Carroll – Our booth location is right about where Godzilla is in Tim’s photo, in the art|DBF section.)

#ACPfest, with UBER

During #acpfest, your first ride with Uber is free. Sign-up here!

Platon, on Snowden’s Portrait

If you attended last year’s talk from Platon, before the National Center for Civil and Human Rights opened, you heard him tell stories like this one, which accompanies his cover photo of Edward Snowden for WIRED.

Cyanotype Crowdfunding Project for the Atlanta Beltline from Margaret Hiden & Rose M. Barron

Botanical Dwellings will display silkscreened imagery of native and rare flora on two canopy-like installations as part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline. The silkscreened fabric panels will be created from original cyanotype photographs and will be cut into linear strips and fixed to a grid on a steel armature. Each blue and white panel will flow with the wind and mimic the movement of tall grasses that surround our installation site on the Beltline.

The installation will serve as place for visitors to retreat and enjoy the organic forms. Botanical Dwellings seeks to educate visitors of Atlanta Beltline on the importance preservation and conservation by showcasing the area’s native and rare flora via the arts.

Art on the Atlanta Beltline has awarded us $2,500. We are asking for your help to fund the remaining $2,200 in order for us to complete this project. To learn more about Art on the Atlanta Beltline please visit

“Presentism” Film Festival at Whitespace on Friday night

Pres RAW file[1]

“Presentism is a philosophy of time that states nothing in the past or future exists. The only reality is the present moment, which is redefined. A moment is no longer like the blade of a knife, gone the instant it is felt. Rather, it is an extended duration of conscious experience. Reality is also redefined. The world is no longer characterized as a set of historic and anticipated facts, as in “once and for all.” The presentist defines reality as a world that relies on constant survey. And when events happen in multiple places simultaneously, they are part of the same reality.” — From the curator, Ruth Dusseault.

Event Hours:
Friday, August 15th at 8:00 pm

814 Edgewood Avenue | Atlanta, GA 30307
Media Contact:
p 404.688.1892

Great Recap of “Monkey Selfie” Copyright Concerns in The New Yorker


David Slater / Wikimedia Commons / Indonesian Macaque

If you, like me, hadn’t caught-up with the “Monkey Selfie” copyright issue / fiasco, this piece by Jay Caspian Kang in The New Yorker is a great place to start. Unbelievable!

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