Wynn Bullock’s High Museum Exhibition Reviewed in ARTSATL by Anderson Scott

© Wynn Bullock – “Stark Tree” (1956) Bullock Family Photography, LLC

Perhaps one of the reasons that Bullock slipped from prominence is that his work is damn hard to categorize. He went back and forth between abstract darkroom experiments to lush landscapes. Furthermore, he did not evolve over time from one genre to the other. He apparently would make beautiful black and white pictures of nudes in redwood forests one day, and make color abstractions using a home-built contraption with lights and filters the next. Bullock has no easy-to-explain progression, and no simple, snappy hook on which to hang a critical assessment. I suspect that this, as much as anything, caused curators and critics to shy away from him. The High is to be commended for tackling his work in all its complexity.

ACP 2014 Portfolio Review – Registration Now Open!


The ACP 2014 Portfolio Review and Walk offers artists the opportunity to meet with highly respected curators, dealers, editors, and agency representatives from across the United States and beyond. The Portfolio Walk (following the review sessions) gives participating photographers the opportunity to present their work to the general public at an evening reception, open to all.

Sponsored in part by Turner Broadcasting and their “Turner Voices” initiative, 17 reviewers and 51 artists will meet on Saturday, October 11th, 2014. Each photographer will meet privately with at least five reviewers for twenty minutes each.

Every year we have many more applicants than available slots, so each application will be evaluated by ACP and a third-party judge to determine if the applicant may participate in the Reviews (it is FREE to apply).

Register for the ACP 2014 Portfolio Review today! Registration closes July 27th.

Yes, there are other portfolio review events around. Why should you consider ACP’s event as a must-do?

- Our event is only one day. It is a long, intense day, but you do not have to take a week out of your life or empty your checking account to have a career-changing moment.
- Once accepted, the cost of the review is only $300 (it is free to apply)
- There will be special events leading up to the reviews
- The day of the reviews, there will be free coffee, food and beverages available to photographers all day long! Really.
- The ACP Portfolio Review really works. Check out the feedback from past participants!

“Really the best organized most comfortable, artist-friendly reviews.”
BL – 2013 Portfolio Review Participant

“I thought it was great overall. I really liked the intimacy, the staging tables, and the snacks. My meetings were great and I already had one followup from a reviewer. I’ll look forward to cultivating relationships with all of the folks I met, reviewers and photographers alike.”
NL – 2013 Portfolio Review Participant

“I gained gallery representation in Atlanta for my work and have had an image published in Diffusion Magazine both within a few weeks of returning from [the ACP] Portfolio Review.”
BD – 2012 portfolio review participant

“As a direct result of participating in the portfolio review, I have since had my first solo show in Atlanta! I was also able to make professional connections with galleries and other artists that continue to open doors for my work.”
JC – 2011 ACP Portfolio Review participant

“I sold six prints at the ACP Portfolio Walk…and became a better presenter of my work”
JR – 2011 ACP Portfolio Review participant

“I was in the ACP Portfolio Review and thanks to that I am now in a ‘Landscape’ group exhibition in Inner Mongolia, China.”
WS – 2010 ACP Portfolio Review participant

Through a juried review of all the applicants, 51 photographers will be selected to participate, and there will be a distinguished panel of 17 reviewers, which we’ll be announcing soon.

Register for the ACP 2014 Portfolio Review today!


ACP Festival Guide Deadline This Weekend!

We’re thrilled by the listings we’ve already received for this year’s ACP Festival Guide, and are excited to combine them with the events and lectures we’re planning to create the country’s largest annual community-oriented festival of photography! (Say that three times fast.)

If you’ve ever wanted to see your photography on a bigger stage, all you have to do is a find a venue (could be a gallery, your neighborhood coffee shop, or favorite store) plan an exhibition for October (September’s good, too) and submit your exhibition, or book-signing, workshop, lecture or event information to the ACP Festival Guide before Sunday night, July 6th.

Stop wondering what it would be like to share your photographs with the world! Or your world! Or Atlanta!

We’re here for you, for photography, and for Atlanta, and we can’t wait to join with you to create an incredible month where our city is transformed by the power of pictures.

Participate in ACP 2014 today!


© John E. Rampsott 2011 – Matre Gallery opening for “Art of iPhoneography” book release

SHOTS 2014 – Call for Entries


New Trailer for ACP 2014 – Submit Your Festival Guide Listing Today!

Just a few days left to submit your photography event or exhibition for the ACP 2014 Festival Guide. Check out the quick trailer below to get inspired!

Two Open Calls from Atlanta Photography Group Gallery

Atlanta Photography Group Gallery has two open calls for entry, and both take place during the Festival!

“APG@ATL” will select 15 artists, who will show two photographs each in the annual show in the atrium at Hartsfield-Jackson. Entry deadline is August 2nd, and the show will be 9/12-11/12.

“Lucinda Bunnen SELECTS” will be a group show at APG Gallery that will run 9/26-11/01. Entry deadline for the show is September 13th.

Check out for more information!

Three Great Google Hangouts with Recent ACP Lecturers

Aaron Schuman has been running google hangouts with well-known photographers over on the satchigallofficial channel on YouTube. We’ve embedded three below, all recent(ish!) visitors and lecturers in Atlanta: Alec Soth, Martin Schoeller, and “the other Martin”, Mr. Parr.

Martin Parr’s opening is memorable and relevant, even if it’s a couple of years old!

“Everyone is a photographer today, so what you have to remember is you gotta try to make your photography more interesting than other people’s, because out there, there are millions of photographers. The secret of this really is to think of the subject matter, which is you, and you have to connect with that subject matter, and it’s the quality of that connection that usually determines how good our photographs are.”

ACP Festival Guide Deadline Approaching!

(We just sent this out to our e-mail list. Sign-up at the bottom of every page on!)

Big Print show at Atlanta Photography Group Gallery

You take great photos, but who’s looking at your pictures, exactly? Are you sharing your unique creative spirit with your community, your family, friends and neighbors?

Each year, ACP aggregates grass-roots photo exhibitions into the country’s largest annual, community-based photography festival. And the best part, anyone can propose an exhibition, find a venue, and become part of ACP’s coordinated cultural experience.

New Deadline: Sunday, July 6th, 11:59pm
Cost: 150$ for a standard listing

We think of photography as the world’s fastest-growing art form, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your photographs in the real world. Last year, local photographers showed pictures of Atlanta Roller Girls at their local sandwich shop. An artist installed her work at a salon. From the galleries of The High Museum of Art to your neighborhood donut shop, photographers are making prints, hanging their work, and participating in turning Atlanta into an international center for photography.

By listing your event, exhibition, book-signing, or open studio in the ACP Festival Guide, we’ll make sure that everyone who cares about photography (and a few who don’t!) will know about your work. From our dedicated online Festival Guide, to our iPhone app, our old-school PDF and beautifully printed Festival Guide (12,000 copies distributed everywhere), we’ll turn October into a photo-centric fever dream!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve planned, and we can’t wait to bring you ACP’s acclaimed Lecture Series, Public Art, Film Series, My Atlanta, Portfolio Review weekend, our Photobook Fair and more!

As always, you can find the latest on ACP Now!, follow our tweets on twitter, and check us out on Facebook.


(Photo: Big Print Show at Atlanta Photography Group Gallery)

Michael Reese installation at Fulton County Aviation Community Cultural Center, Thurs. June 19th

Atlanta-based photographer Michael Reese has an installation at the new Fulton County Aviation Community Cultural Center, details below!

Fulton County Aviation Center Invite

Lecture about Wynn Bullock, Thurs., June 19th at High Museum of Art

Lecture about Wynn Bullock, Thurs., June 19th at High Museum of Art

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