Virginia-Highland Photography – On View at North Highland & St. Charles

We had a great morning installing four banners (fences, even!) of photography from the neighborhood of Virginia-Highland in Virginia-Highland! Happy for the partnership with Virginia-Highland Civic Association, so please, while attending Summerfest this weekend, go take a look!

Congratulations to the participating photographers; John Becker, Rachel Brannon, Frank Brannon, Robert Davies, Chris Mastin, Dani Miller, Luv Murrell, Jennifer Schwartz, Marsha Scott, Jennifer Silver, and Robert Tuchow.

Here's a quick hyperlapse. (If you're viewing this in email and it doesn't load, click the link!)


ACP 2016 Festival Guide Listings Are Now Open!


Get Ready, Photo People!

We're accepting your listings for the 2016 ACP Festival Guide, and we can't wait to see what you've planned. Click this link to get started!

(The deadline for participating in ACP 2016 is June 30th.)

Here are the details:
Festival Guide Intro (includes pricing)
Participate as a Venue
Participate as an Artist

Whether you're planning an exhibition, artist's talk, photo-walk, book release, or whatever photographic event you can dream-up for the month of October!

The listing tool will be open through June 30th, which means you have a little over a month to confirm the details. To list your event, you'll need a description of your event, addresses, dates & times associated with your venue, and a 1000 pixel-wide JPG for both your web and print listing. The base listing price is unchanged this year ($160) and remains a great value for reaching the photo-loving audience of the Southeast.

Your listing will be printed in 12,000 Festival Guides and distributed across the Atlanta-metro area, plus it will be available on our dedicated website for the festival, and also in our iPhone app - all of which will be marketed nationally!

As a photographer, you might wonder what it would be like to have your work seen rather than take-up space on your hard drive or portfolio box. As a retail shop, corporation or gallery, you might want to activate your walls with great photography and host an event. The Festival is a great way to get involved and join photography's month-long transformation of Atlanta into a coordinated cultural experience.

We can't wait for October, and are eager to see what you've planned!

(Photo from Kelly Kristin Jones' ACP Public Art 2015 project MARTA: Art on Track)


JR’s Louvre Wrap

20160525_JR_Louvre AP- Francois Mori
Great to see photographic public art provocateur JR's latest installation, an intervention wrap of I.M. Pei's iconic pyramid at the Louvre. You might recall JR's work right here in the Old 4th Ward, from 2013, where he installed three murals.

Here's a look from October 3rd of last year, at the location of the furthest west mural, on Edgewood, where the piece looked to be living its last days.


And here it is now via Street View, permanently gone (though parts of the other two murals may still remain!)


re:imagine/ATL & Creative Storytelling with Douglass High Students

Great to see this piece on WSB about re:imagine/ATL's efforts helping teens from all backgrounds tell their stories.

Billy Howard on Three Atlanta Photographers for #PhotosWeLove

20160524_Louie_Favorite_PhotosWeLove© Louie Favorite
"A roll of 35mm film contains 36 chances to get a photograph. While shooting a departing ship, Favorite had expended his luck when he saw this couple, looking in opposite directions from separate portholes like wondering eyeballs tethered to different brains. He raised the camera and clicked." - Billy Howard for #PhotosWeLove
(Excerpted from #PhotosWeLove a crowd-sourced ACP publication exploring how, why and what we love about photographs, one picture at a time.)


“SHIFT” to SCAD Photo’s Grad Group Show at Mason Fine Art, Opens Friday!


360 Video – Finally Merging Form With Function

While 360 cameras have been available for a while, and the technology keeps getting better (more resolution, better software to stitch the files together) I haven't seen an example that didn't feel frivolous, forced, or unnecessary.

All that changed with Joshua Jelly-Schapiro's new story for RYOT / Huffington Post on "Rethinking Cuba". If you've seen photographs (or footage, even) from Cuba and wondered what was beyond the frame, 360 video is racing to fill that gap. Jelly-Schapiro's example merges journalism with a new kind of travel voyeurism that I haven't seen before.

Plus, it's fascinating how 360 footage presents a kind of experience that's akin to watching a livestream from a fixed camera location. As a viewer, you feel like you don't know what will happen next, and that you're empowered to (in some small way) control the outcome by panning and scrolling through the frame. (Use your mouse, folks!) It's a YouTube-based "Choose Your Own Adventure".

When new cameras, equipment (or apps, even!) come along there's a race to figure out their best use, and Jelly-Schapiro's example comes as close as I've seen to realizing the strength and uniqueness of 360 video's promise.


Support ACP with the Drisaldi Double Deal (now through Thurs. midnight!)

DRISALDI_900wJerry & Vicky at last year's ACP Auction

If we meet our goal of raising $6,000 in the next two days (before Thursday night, at midnight) our dedicated board member Jerry Drisaldi (that's Jerry above, with his wife Vicky) will double your gift.

Thank you, Jerry!


Jona Frank on Robert Frank’s “Elevator – Miami Beach” for #PhotosWeLove

elevator-miami-beach-1955-web_900w© Robert Frank
"Some photographs stick to you, they follow you and become part of your day-to-day. You fall in love with them and see them without seeing them. She makes me think about how far I have come. She makes me think about a time when I was so stuck I just watched time drift past not knowing how or when I would join the accomplished and directed." - Jona Frank for #PhotosWeLove
(Excerpted from #PhotosWeLove a crowd-sourced ACP publication exploring how, why and what we love about photographs, one picture at a time.)


Interview with David Foster, Atlanta-based Nature Photographer

davidfoster_900wDavid Foster [Photo by John Foster.]
"A Georgia photographer/blogger, Dominique James, recently saw David Foster's solo exhibit at Callaway Gardens and did a Q&A piece on his blog about David's work.

David will also be hosting a closing "Meet the Artist" event for his exhibit "Nature's Essence" - along with birthday cake in celebration of his 70th - on Monday afternoon, May 30th from 1:00 to 4:30pm at the Discovery Center Gallery at Callaway Gardens. All are invited."

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