ASMP-Atlanta’s “The Business of Photography Workshop”

Todd Bigelow is teaching a "Business of Photography" workshop for ASMP-Atlanta on Sept. 19th.

"The Business of Photography Workshop is designed for those interested in pursuing freelance photography careers, working primarily with editorial publications (newspapers, magazines, wire services), non-profits, foundations and corporations. This two-day course is packed with practical advice and information on the business of photography, derived from Todd Bigelow's over two and a half decades of freelance experience.

Todd presents real experiences and scenarios as the basis for discussions regarding the importance of valuing your work, client development, portfolio considerations and presentations, copyright basics, licensing photos for revenue, dealing with contracts, rate and term standards, social media integration, legal and tax issues, agency representation, image workflow and more.

Participants will leave the workshop with a sound understanding on how to successfully handle business issues related to the freelance market, and the knowledge to manage their career."

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