Art Rocks Athens – Aug 27-30

Art Rocks Athens - Aug 27-30

Art Rocks Athens includes a photography exhibition!

"Curated by Sandra Lee Phipps, professor of photography at SCAD Atlanta, this extensive and varied photo retrospective of the Athens scene from the 1970s to 1985 will have several sub-themes, including portraits ("i'll be your mirror"); a sense of place (Athens); fine art; people in their spaces/homes/rooms -- reflecting the way people lived in "thriftstore" Athens ("in my room"); and party/clubbing photos (the "scene" itself). Among the many photographers represented will be Keith Bennett, James Herbert, Michael Stipe, Jeremy Ayres, Rick Hawkins, Michael Lachowski, Terry Allen, Terry Boling, Curtis Knapp, Ann States, Dana Downs, Laura Levine, Margo Rosenbaum, Matt Parker, Lauren Hall, John Taylor, Lorri Shipp, Carol Levy, Nanette Consovoy, and Sandra Lee Phipps."

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