Devin Allen, Baltimore Instagrammer, Lands the Cover of TIME Magazine

Amazing to wake-up to the news that the photographer mentioned in Tuesday's post, Devin Allen, has landed a photograph on the cover of Time magazine.

TIME's written about the cover, and they've profiled Devin's work from Baltimore in more depth here.


The last time I recall a major publication publishing an Instagram photo about a breaking news story on its cover was when Ben Lowy was covering Hurricane Sandy. And come to think of it, that photo, while shot on Lowy's iPhone, wasn't an amateur's stellar photograph plucked from Instagram popularity -- Lowy's career as a photojournalist has been all about leveraging digital platforms in new and interesting ways.

When we embedded Devin's photograph on Tuesday, I remember thinking it was an incredible photo, but that the square-format was keeping it from being all it could be, cropping and pinching it in ways that seemed unfortunate.

@badgalriri thank you #BALTIMORE #RIPFREDDYGRAY we need prayers and support right. :::: #DVNLLN

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Fortunately, a high-res vertical of the same frame was available (in the interview, Devin talks about how he loads photos from his DSLR to his phone for quick uploading on-the-fly to the interwebs) and it looks stunning as the TIME cover.

It's also great to see that Devin is interested in photographing his city in his way, and this morning said he's receiving unsolicited advice from journalists about how he should conduct his career, to which he says:

"These news photographers & photo journalist keep coming on MY ig basically telling me to shut stop talking and let my pictures do the talking & idk what I'm doing lol etc :::: The beauty of having MY own camera MY own ig & twitter and MY own opinion lol i can do and say post what i want"
If you've been absorbing the photographs and video coming out of Baltimore, and haven't had a chance to process or come to your own understanding about what it all means, you might appreciate the latest episode of the "Rembert Explains" podcast, from Grantland, which goes into a deep, thoughtful, pointed, and fascinating analysis about the events of the past week and a half. It's the kind of discussion you would have not have heard this week on television.

This morning's "moment", in which I listened to Rembert's podcast over breakfast while learning about Devin's TIME cover, feels significant - a new kind of now.

On rare occasions (like this morning) it feels like we've caught-up to the future in a quick & surprising way -- when the future feels right beneath our feet, instead of somewhere ahead, out there in the fog, and while I may be stretching a bit, this morning felt different, as if a new train just pulled into the station.

When the cover of TIME magazine is plucked from an unknown photographer on Instagram, and the best, most thoughtful analysis you've heard about Baltimore is a discussion on a podcast from 20-something writers eager to make sense of senselessness, the promise and hope of all this technology in our hands is suddenly and surprisingly fulfilled.


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