Lucinda Bunnen – Artist’s Talk at Swan Coach House, Thursday, 7pm

Lucinda Bunnen's "A Collection of Collections" show at Swan Coach House Gallery will be having an artist's talk on Thursday, Feb. 12th at 7pm. Lucinda will be talking with Brett Abbott, Donald and Marilyn Keough Family Curator of Photography at the High Museum of Art.

Virginie Kippelen reviewed the show yesterday on

"Although her collection of cameras — a large photograph of dozens of them, old and new, acquired over 45 years — takes center stage here, many of the collections, like the Hawaiian souvenirs, are mundane objects. There are beads in all shapes and colors; pine cones, large and small; heart-shaped stones; shells from everywhere.

A vast display of artifacts complements the photos on the gallery walls. A couple of ceramic cows stand by the photograph of her miniature-cow collection (Bunnen grew up on a farm)."

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