The Trifecta of Syreeta McFadden’s Buzzfeed Article on Film Stock & Skin Tones

In case you missed it, there was a great piece earlier this month from Syreeta McFadden on Buzzfeed called "Teaching the Camera to See My Skin." McFadden's article explores how consumer film stocks (specifically from Kodak) lacked calibration for non-white skin tones.

To that end, technicians calibrated their color-processors and chemistry using "Shirley cards", like this one, via John Gara.

On the Media picked-up the ball and did a great interview with McFadden, and in the same episode, they followed-up with "The Dark Side of Fair Skin", which is a story about skin-lightening creams and includes an interview with Carrie Mae Weems, whose show is up at the Guggenheim through May 13th.

All in all, a trifecta of great links; a fantastic article about photography that flows into an in-depth interview that receives further contextualization (thanks to Weems' perspective).

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