Photo Podcast Recommendation: On Taking Pictures

If you’re here with us in Atlanta, chances are you spend quite a bit of time in your car. And if you’re into photography, driving while taking pictures isn’t the easiest (or safest) way to stay engaged, right?

Podcasts are the best way to program your drive-time entertainment, and while I’ve occasionally tried a photography podcast here and there, nothing ever stuck. That is until “On Taking Pictures” (iTunes link) available via the 5by5 Network. The hosts do a good job of breaking-down the exploding middle-ground of photography, from smart-phones to amateurs-wanting-to-go-pro, and everything in-between.

Their discussions mirror some of the same discussions we have here in the office, especially about the past/present/future of the medium. Have a listen – it might help ease your way down The Connector at rush-hour! - MDM

Photo Podcast Recommendation: On Taking Pictures

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