Great article about Lucinda Bunnen and her collection @highmuseumofart in the AJC

A quick blurb from Howard Pousner's fantastic piece in the AJC about Lucinda Bunnen and her collection which will be on view during ACP at the High:
"Lucinda is very engaged, very passionate, very active,” High photography curator Brett Abbott said of the 2013 Nexus Award recipient. The honor was bestowed by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (which she helped found 40 years ago) for her artistry and patronage. Giving is in her genes: After selling his half of Sears, Roebuck & Co., her grandfather started the Manhattan-based Norman Foundation, which continues to support economic and environmental justice causes. Her LUBO Fund, which focuses on arts giving and equal rights, is an offshoot. The photographer-benefactor’s mix of creative contributions was what Abbott wanted to emphasize in the first full Bunnen Collection exhibit since 1983 (when it comprised 80 prints). “She’s really a remarkable woman in the way that she’s worn several hats and done it very gracefully,” the curator said. “She identifies as an artist, but she’s also been an incredibly important philanthropist, a visionary collector and a supporter of other artists’ work.” That hasn’t changed. For instance, for “The Bunnen Collection,” Abbott planned to include at least 10 of her photographs alongside 20th century masters such as Ansel Adams, Clarence John Laughlin, Sally Mann and Cindy Sherman. But then she kept thinking of other photographers she wanted to include, such as Atlantan Ilia Varcev (“I thought it would be important for him”). She lobbied the curator to take out photos she created as needed to make room for the late additions.

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