Kickstarter for Digital Silver-Gelatin Printing Process

From local artists seeking to fund new projects to a film about entrepreneurship in Castleberry Hill, it can be tough to keep-up with all of the hopes and dreams on Kickstarter. I was amazed by this effort, and though it's not local to Atlanta, it will enable large-scale silver-gelatin prints from digital files. It's a hybrid that's news to me; perhaps to you as well!

One Response to “Kickstarter for Digital Silver-Gelatin Printing Process”

  1. Andrea Zocchi Says:

    Thank you for posting our Kickstarter Campaign! We use an RGB laser to expose REAL silver gelatin black and white photo paper with your digital image. The exposed paper then goes through a traditional wet, developer, stop, and fixer processor and is archivally washed. Like magic, you get a true silver gelatin print from your digital capture or scanned film. Our prints are in collections and museums around the world. You can make a real silver gelatin print at a discount by contributing to our campaign.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Andrea – Digital Silver Imaging

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