Jerry Siegel Looks at Jewish Community in Selma

© Jerry Siegel

© Jerry Siegel
Jerry Siegel has new work documenting Temple Mishkan Israel in Selma, Alabama, "a congregation with only ten Jews." Susan Todd-Raque takes a look for South Writ Large:
"A former member of the Temple, raised in Selma but now living in Atlanta, photographer Jerry Siegel travels back to Selma to photograph the few people maintaining the Jewish community, saying he sees his life disappearing. He remembers his childhood as a bubble of Nirvana, wrapped up and protected by his parents. When his father, Schuster Siegel, died in 2000 and later his Uncle Jerry, Siegel found his roots pulling him back to Selma to photograph first his parents’ home as they left it, then the places he knew as a child. Every time he returns, he sees anew, often finding what he has forgotten, taken for granted, or never noticed."

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