Review of Laurel Nakadate at ACAC on Burnaway

Rachel Reese unpacks the Laurel Nakadate show at ACAC in this review on Burnaway.
"So, how does one respond to the arc in Nakadate’s work between impulsive and contrived situations, and do we collectively believe what she’s selling? Does the overtly emotional or sexual material in her work actually create a less empathetic viewpoint from the audience? And how does the form the works take alter our read? Maybe the most successful critique of Nakadate’s work is that we do not have an answer—maybe, as some critics have suggested, she is a bit naïve and blind to some of the exploitative nuances, or maybe she is completely aware and playing us all the fool. Either way, she is not telling."
Photo by John Ramspott Laurel Nakadate at ACAC #acp2012 Laurel Nakadate, the photographer whose work is on display
Photo by John Ramspott

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