Beth Lilly’s “Oracle @ Wifi” at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Thursday, 6pm

THE ORACLE @ WIFI Beth Lilly April 4 - May 15, 2012 Press Release Artist Reception and Book Release Launch Party: April 5, 6 - 8:30 pm Artist Talk: April 14, 12 - 1 pm
ATLANTA, March 23, 2012 – Hagedorn Foundation Gallery is pleased to announce a two part exhibition of Beth Lilly’s conceptual and performance based photographic works. In the main gallery, Every single one of these stories is true, consists of eight sequential narratives that are reenactments of life events with descriptive text, while Oracle @ WiFi, in the first floor office gallery, is Lilly’s marriage of photography, mobile technologies and human intuition. Portions of both series were shown at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery Spring 2011 in earlier iterations. The eight part narrative series, Every single one of these stories is true, echoes the tell all confessionals of social media and TV today, involving intimate reenactments of domestic scenes and familial relationships. Simultaneously, it questions the veracity of the photograph and also of life experience. The Freudian nature of the events and actors in the series - referencing items found in closets, kidnapping, and shadowed, fairy tale characters, and the visuals’ extreme points of view and lighting - set the viewer up for a visceral, psychological response. Reactions are framed by Lilly’s handwritten texts, which guide the viewer’s perceptions. The black and white and color series are presented as sets of 3-4 images. On Saturday, April 14, Lilly will discuss her process and host an artist talk and reception for the Atlanta art public and the actors who have participated in her performances. In Lilly’s The Oracle @WiFi, the artist peers into the secret lives and anxieties of strangers through her Oracle artist identity. On April 21, the gallery will host a live feed of Oracle events broadcast from Heidelberg, Germany where Lilly will be responding to queries called in to her cell phone. Viewers will be able to watch and listen to one entire cycle of the Oracle process, from Lilly’s cell phone photo shoot, to her edit of images down to the magic three and her reception and transmission of the Oracle question from the caller. Lilly says that what interests her about this process and the True series is “how text affects the interpretation of the images. Viewers must apply contemporary cultural associations to explore the potential symbolic meanings. Once the question is read, viewers find themselves incapable of interpreting the image in any other way. However, the meaning each person arrives at is entirely subjective, dependent on their personal experience and prejudices, so each combination has an endless number of possible narratives. The combinations are often fresh and surprising, suggesting answers that can be humorous, haunting and even profound.”

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