SCAD’s Art History Symposium on “The Madness of Photography”, February 10-11

"Fourth Biennial Art History Symposium
Feb 10, 2012 - Feb 11, 2012
Barthes' "madness of photography" is both poetically and ontologically central to the medium, and is discernible from its very origins. This symposium will explore new perspectives on the many implications of madness in photography's history, theory, and practice. The symposium will explore a wide range of topics: the historiography of the medium, including writings on photography and madness, death, time, or memory; photo-manias; new modes of dissemination; the place of photography in social networking; artists or movements interested in achieving or documenting states of madness; photography's participation in the definition and construction of madness; the medium's connections to scientific and pseudo-scientific fields; and photography and madness outside of the Western tradition."
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