[Video] Chip Simone at The High Museum, Opens This Saturday

Chip Simone's "Resonant Image" opens on Saturday, and ACP was able to spend some time with Chip during the exhibition installation to hear his thoughts about the show. The video below was produced in collaboration with ArtRelish.com, and we'll be working together this summer to bring you previews of shows, behind-the-scenes with artists, and generally take a look at what goes into events that are part of the festival every October. Thanks again to Chip Simone, Brett Abbott, and Nicole Taylor at the High Museum.

One Response to “[Video] Chip Simone at The High Museum, Opens This Saturday”

  1. Alan Chimacoff Says:

    Hi All,

    This is wonderful…, but much too brief for one, like me, who probably won’t make it to Atlanta to see Chip’s exhibition.

    Is there a way to have access to a longer or complete version of the interview?

    I had a lovely chat with Chip, also too brief, at the APG reception the evening before last year’s PF review. So that piques my interest even more.



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