“Female Photographers: Is There a Gender Voice?” Panel Discussion at Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Thursday, April 7th

Hagedorn Foundation Gallery will be hosting a unique panel discussion on Wednesday Thursday night to coincide with their current exhibition "Home". Facebook RSVP page is here.

In order to examine the singular voice in female photography, we will be talking about the women artists in this exhibition in relationship to those in the MOMA exhibition, Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography

Panelists include: Rebecca Dimling Cochran, curator of The Wieland Collection; Lisa Kurzner, independent scholar and photography expert; Michael David Murphy, ACP Program Manager and writer, and artists Laura Noel and Stephanie Dowda. Moderator: Brenda Massie, Director, Hagedorn Foundation Gallery.
(Ed Note: MDM, mentioned above as a panelist, is also the author of this post.)

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