Photo Link Roundup, w/o May 3

Here's a quick view of a few links from the world of photography in the past week: A look at the Daniel Morel / AFP case concerning use of his famous image of a survivor of the Haiti earthquake. A view of the extensive Muybridge show at the Corcoran, in DC. 30 photos that changed the world. And famed photogs create a fundraising cookbook.
"Is this any way to greet people at the entrance to a photography show?"
A useful resource list of videos of documentaries and interviews with photographers from Jason Campbell. Charles Lane Press launches Schoolhouse Editions. Blake Andrews has a street photography "tournament" in the works, with brackets, a la March Madness. Akin, street portraits from the 80s from Michael Cinque. Two pictures:

via via tokyo camera style

"So this got me thinking about how many titles of photo books have the word “between” in them, a quick advanced search on Amazon brings up 3,762!"

from a rant called "Between Make Up Your Mind and Making No Sense..."

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