This Week w/ ACP

We sent out a massive email blast yesterday with a list of this week's events and exhibitions, lectures, workshops and more! Sign-up for our email list to receive these in the future, and please check out the list below of what's happening this week. Incredible! This Week With ACP - 09/28/2009
Tue: Dreams & Tempests Exhibition from Benjamin Rusnak

Thur: ACP Public Art - "Gifted" Launches
Thur: Opening Reception for Night Journey at Alan Avery
Thur: Opening Reception for Susan Harbage Page & Corey Daniels
Thur: Rhythms of the South at Backstage Restaurant
Thur: Opening Reception for Jeannette Montgomery Barron
Thur: Opening Reception for Fresh Perspectives
Thur: Opening Reception for Joel Leivick at Emory
Thur: Opening Reception for Face A Face at Opal Gallery
Thur: Tom Meyer's surFACES at Rialto Center
Thur: Atomic Age Exhibition at Pace
Thur: Sistagraphy's Online Exhibition
Thur: Opening Reception for Images of Shaanxi
Thur: Opening Reception for Blues Roots and Branches
Thur: Opening Reception and Artist's Talk for Shannon McCollum
Thur: Judy Kuniansky's Potpourri at Javamonkey
Thur: Opening Reception for Contemporary Women: Self Reflections
Thur: Atlanta Photographic Society Salon Exhibition
Thur: Clicked, Brushed and Blown... at Photography Center of Atlanta
Thur: Atlanta Friends Meeting Photography Exhibit
Thur: Women in Focus: Artist's Choice Exhibition
Thur: Steven Chapman Exhibition at Room & Board
Thur: Opening Reception for David Swann

Fri: ACP 11 Opening Reception - LE FLASH
Fri: Palimpsest Portraits at Marcia Wood Gallery, during Le Flash
Fri: POP at The Big House Gallery, during Le Flash
Fri: One Night Only at Ambient + Studio
Fri: Atlanta Photography Exhibit at The Granite Room
Fri: Along the Way Opening Reception at Red Wall Studio & Gallery
Fri: Opening Reception at Gallery 4463
Fri: Opening Reception for Women in Focus: Without Borders
Fri: APA Push Pin Exhibition and Auction at Cris Stanford Photography
Fri: Opening Reception for Anne Berry
Fri: Opening Reception for David Knox at J. Tribble Antiques
Fri: Shanon Core Exhibition at Trois Gallery - SCAD

Sat: My Atlanta at Piedmont Park Community Center
Sat: Kaylinn Gilstrap Artist's Lecture at Composition Gallery
Sat: Scott Lowden & Friends at Young Blood Gallery
Sat: Carol Hendon at Tower Gallery
Sat: Jeannette Montgomery Barron Artist's Lecture
Sat: Jim Alexander Photography Workshop
Sat: Uwoduhi Nahnai Exhibition at the Great Frame Up
Sat: Opening Reception and Artist's Talk for Atlanta Artists Center & Vestiges of New Orleans
Sat: Opening Reception for The Trail to Happiness at Worthmore
Sat: Artist's Lecture for Palimpsest Portraits at Marcia Wood Gallery
Sat: Teri Darnell Artist's Lecture at REI

Sun: Kirk Kingsbury Artist's Lecture
Sun: Huang Fu Artist's Lecture at Cultural Arts Center

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