The Photographer’s Print Studio Opens in Decatur

There's a new resource in Atlanta for fine art photographers who are interested in printing their work the traditional way, with an enlarger and a large, start-of-the-art color processor. Initiated by local photographer Kathryn Kolb, The Photographer's Print Studio is an artist's owned and run collective, located just outside downtown Decatur.

Interested in creating your own beautiful c-prints? The print studio is now looking to add a few members to its ranks, and while there are plans to have a digital print set-up at some point in the future, for now, the studio is all analog, all the time.

There will be an Open House in February, when the doors will open to the community, but if you're interested in joining, send an email to More info can be found at

(Ed Note: ACP's Program Manager Michael David Murphy is a co-founding member of the Photographer's Print Studio)

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