Noel, Essick, & Stuart, “Global Environments”

Laura Noel, National Geographic photographer Peter Essick, and Julie Stuart (2 photographers and an installation artist) are having an opening for their collab show "Global Environments" at Spruill Gallery on Thursday night, January 17th, 6-9pm. Show will be up through February 23rd. noel-smoker © Laura Noel essick © Peter Essick From the press release:
Peter Essick is an internationally recognized freelance photojournalist, whose primary client is National Geographic Magazine. A story he did in 2002 on nuclear waste won first prize at World Press Photos in Amsterdam. His photographs on Global Warming, first featured in National Geographic, were also seen on the Oprah Show, This Morning with George Stephanopolis, and in Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Essick says, “Photography has a long history of being a tool to address important social issues. It is my hope that these photos [on global warming] will help illuminate the new realities of a warmer world.” Laura Noel’s series, “Deliver Me,” presents photographs of smokers in the environments to which a disgusted general public has relegated them – windy corners, private porches, hidden places. Much of Noel’s work has focused on our struggles to remain individuals in an increasingly “generic” world. “Deliver Me” is non-judgmental in its colorful portrayal of fierce individualism as well as the faces of addiction. Julie Stuart is an artist and environmentalist who has been active in a number of “green” organizations, including River Keepers. Her art for this exhibition takes a different tack. Rather than calling our attention to the damage we are doing to our planet, she has opted to create a meditative installation which invites the viewer to contemplate the preciousness of our natural world. Her positive approach gently offers the possibilities of positive actions to preserve and enhance the world we live in. Spruill Gallery is located at 4681 Ashford Dunwoody Road at its intersection with Meadow Lane. For more information about Spruill Gallery and its programs, call 770-394-4019 or check its website,

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