APG Call For Entry: Arnika Dawkins Selects & Virginia Twinam Smith Purchase Award

"Atlanta Photography Group will begin taking submissions for Arnika Dawkins Selects July 5 – August 21. The show will be featured in Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s Festival Guide and APG will offer two $500 awards and entry into the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia’s permanent collection.

Juror Arnika Dawkins is the owner of her eponymous fine art photography gallery established in Atlanta in 2011. The gallerist shows work by talented emerging and mid-career artists with a specialization in showing fine art photography by African Americans and images of African Americans. Active in the Atlanta arts community, she is fine art photographer and avid collector. She obtained Master of Arts in Digital Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

There is no theme for this exhibition. You can submit anywhere from 2-8 images. You must be a member of APG to enter. Deadline for entries is August 21. Show runs Oct 7 – Nov 1."

Unconventional Political Convention Photography

A few minutes ago, while the DNC was warming-up in Philly, a photographer took the "official DNC photo" with an antique camera on a step-ladder. His name is Abbas Shirmohammadi, and he's been making panoramic photographs of political conventions (and inaugurations) for years.

There was something charming about a guy standing on a ladder, asking for everyone to stay still while his camera swiveled around the arena. The audio (and video) is a bit shaky on this clip, but it's worth checking out.

ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Sybylla Smith


Registration for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review on October 8th & 9th is open!

We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Sybylla Smith!

Register for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review today!

"Sybylla Smith is a curator, educator and consultant with over 25 years of experience in the photographic arts. She has curated 20 plus solo and group exhibitions featuring the work of over 70 international photographers at a satellite gallery of the Griffin Museum of Photography, VII Photo Gallery, Photoville and the Center for Digital Arts.

Her diverse resume refects her background as a stylist, art and creative director for international advertising campaigns and fashion editorials. She has created university curriculum called Concept Aware which focuses on the dynamic elements within the creative process that develop an idea into a concept and an image into a style, a project or a body of work. As an adjunct professor, guest lecturer and thesis advisor Smith has worked at Emmanuel College, Hofstra University, SFMA/Boston, SVA/NYC, Harvard University and Wellesley College. A LensCulture Insider, Smith reviews 40 plus international photographers online each month.

Smith is interested in seeing a wide variety of work across all photographic genres including fine art, conceptual, documentary, fashion, and editorial - from emerging and established photographers. Editing, sequencing and contextualizing the work are the focus of feedback in reviews. Eager to suggest other photographers to explore/research, pertinent awards and/or galleries to pursue when appropriate."

Larry Towell is on the move

Photographer Larry Towell recently performed at "Cortona on the Move", a photography festival in Cortona, Italy. Larry writes his own poetry and songs, and I thought it'd be useful to share this clip, via Lynsey Addario's Instagram -- in that it shows how a photographer can extend their talent(s) beyond the frame, so to speak.


Atlanta-based Photographer Joeff Davis in Cleveland for RNC2016

joeff_RNC© Joeff Davis
You might appreciate Joeff Davis' unfolding look at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week.

"July 19, 2016 - Cleveland, Ohio: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (center) announces the vote totals for the Wisconsin delegation during the the roll call at the Republican National Convention."

What Makes a Photo Iconic?

By starting #PhotosWeLove, we were hoping to create a conversation about photographs that went beyond hearts, likes and faves. Last weekend, I saw a photograph from a protest in Baton Rouge that I instantly loved, and wanted to share why, exactly.


Some have called Jonathan Bachman's photograph of Ieshia Evans, an instant classic, others have called it iconic. In response to the #PhotosWeLove piece I wrote about Bachman's photo, I was invited to talk with Allen Murabayashi about "What Makes a Photo Iconic?" on the Photoshelter podcast. You can watch the livestream, listen on SoundCloud, or download directly.

#PhotosWeLove is a crowd-sourced initiative from ACP that thrives on your participation. Post your own piece on Medium and let us know!



Register for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review!

Registration is now open for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review!

The review is Saturday, October 8th, and Sunday, October 9th at Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Please see the Portfolio Review registration page for the list of esteemed reviewers, quotes from past participants, info about the Portfolio View on Saturday night, and all the details for this boutique experience. Did we mention the free ice cream?

The ACP Portfolio Review is your opportunity to make the most of meeting with influential editors, gallerists, curators (and collectors on Saturday night!) We've seen photographers and artists who've had their work transformed by the review, including gallery shows, assignments, representation, and photobook publication.

Simply, we can't wait to see you at the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review!


“Can I interrogate this photograph? Can I hold it here in front of me, arrested?” on #PhotosWeLove

While awaiting your contribution to #PhotosWeLove, I wrote and annotated my own reaction to Jonathan Bachman's photo from Baton Rouge on Saturday. Rather than quoting it here, just click on through. - MDM

(#PhotosWeLove is a crowd-sourced ACP publication exploring how, why and what we love about photographs, one picture at a time.)


SPS 40th Anniversary at Showcase School on Friday

Bactrian Camels, Camelus bactrianus in Khongoryn Els, Mongolia's largest sand dune in the GobiGordon Kilgore
"The Showcase School is hosting the Southeastern Photographic Society’s 40th year celebration with an opening reception Friday, July 15 from 6-8:30pm. This juried exhibition 40-40-40 celebrates forty years, forty photographers and forty images. General Public invited to attend.

SPS 40-40-40
Hosted by:
The Showcase School of Photography
1135 Sheridan Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
404-965-2205 "

Looking at News Photographs from the Past Week

When there's an incredible week of news, it's often an incredible week for news photography, and last week was an example of both. As a blog about photography, we thought we'd highlight a few of the most popular photographs we've seen in the past few days, in hopes that one or two of them are new to you.

One of the more memorable photographs out of Dallas was taken by Ting Shen for The Dallas Morning News.

tingshen_900wTing Shen / The Dallas Morning News

What's remarkable is that Ting Shen is an intern for the DMN, and he had an interesting response to praise of his photograph on twitter, here, via Chris Megerian.


Locally, John E. Ramspott was on the ground for the march here on Saturday in Atlanta, and has a full set of photographs here. Sheila Pree Bright was sharing photographs from the same march on her tumblr and facebook. Brett Falcon has a full gallery here. Jonathan Walker is a prolific instagrammer who made this incredible photograph on Saturday:

walker_instagramvia wakkagram

Hands-down, the most discussed photograph is this image by Jonathan Bachman / Reuters of Ieshia Evans, a mom in Baton Rouge who was one of 102 protesters arrested on Saturday.
bachman_full_900wJonathan Bachman / Reuters

"It happened quickly, but I could tell that she wasn’t going to move, and it seemed like she was making her stand. To me it seemed like: You’re going to have to come and get me. And I just thought it seemed like this was a good place to get in position and make an image, just because she was there in her dress and you have two police officers in full riot gear." - Jonathan Bachman
Bachman also made this incredible photograph, again, from Baton Rouge:

bachman_900wJonathan Bachman / Reuters

And to end on a local note, a personal favorite, via Twitterer AzaniaJustice.

azaniajustice_900wvia AzaniaJustice


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