360 Video – Finally Merging Form With Function

While 360 cameras have been available for a while, and the technology keeps getting better (more resolution, better software to stitch the files together) I haven't seen an example that didn't feel frivolous, forced, or unnecessary.

All that changed with Joshua Jelly-Schapiro's new story for RYOT / Huffington Post on "Rethinking Cuba". If you've seen photographs (or footage, even) from Cuba and wondered what was beyond the frame, 360 video is racing to fill that gap. Jelly-Schapiro's example merges journalism with a new kind of travel voyeurism that I haven't seen before.

Plus, it's fascinating how 360 footage presents a kind of experience that's akin to watching a livestream from a fixed camera location. As a viewer, you feel like you don't know what will happen next, and that you're empowered to (in some small way) control the outcome by panning and scrolling through the frame. (Use your mouse, folks!) It's a YouTube-based "Choose Your Own Adventure".

When new cameras, equipment (or apps, even!) come along there's a race to figure out their best use, and Jelly-Schapiro's example comes as close as I've seen to realizing the strength and uniqueness of 360 video's promise.


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Jona Frank on Robert Frank’s “Elevator – Miami Beach” for #PhotosWeLove

elevator-miami-beach-1955-web_900w© Robert Frank
"Some photographs stick to you, they follow you and become part of your day-to-day. You fall in love with them and see them without seeing them. She makes me think about how far I have come. She makes me think about a time when I was so stuck I just watched time drift past not knowing how or when I would join the accomplished and directed." - Jona Frank for #PhotosWeLove
(Excerpted from #PhotosWeLove a crowd-sourced ACP publication exploring how, why and what we love about photographs, one picture at a time.)


Interview with David Foster, Atlanta-based Nature Photographer

davidfoster_900wDavid Foster [Photo by John Foster.]
"A Georgia photographer/blogger, Dominique James, recently saw David Foster's solo exhibit at Callaway Gardens and did a Q&A piece on his blog about David's work.

David will also be hosting a closing "Meet the Artist" event for his exhibit "Nature's Essence" - along with birthday cake in celebration of his 70th - on Monday afternoon, May 30th from 1:00 to 4:30pm at the Discovery Center Gallery at Callaway Gardens. All are invited."

Billy Howard on Boubat’s Lella, for #PhotosWeLove

boutbat_900w© Édouard Boubat (detail)
"The first photograph that I remember stealing my breath away was Édouard Boubat's portrait of his lover, muse, and then wife, Lella. The translucent blouse, the mysterious woman behind her, a horizon suggesting movement, and her gaze—eyes looking forever forward to the same point, unseen by us but her expression leaving clues." - Billy Howard for #PhotosWeLove
(Excerpted from #PhotosWeLove a crowd-sourced ACP publication exploring how, why and what we love about photographs, one picture at a time.)

Call for Entries: APG’s Annual Airport Show!


"The Atlanta Photography Group will begin taking submissions for their 6th annual “Airport” exhibition May 16. Juror Amy Miller, the Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography, will select two photographs each from 15 photographers to exhibit in the central atrium of the world’s busiest airport: Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The ATL has an average of 260,000 visitors a day making this an opportunity to have your photographs seen by, literally, millions of travelers from all over the world!

Amy Miller holds a BFA from University of Georgia and an MFA in photography from Pratt Institute. Amy worked at the Alan Klotz Gallery in New York and was the Gallery Director for Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta. Amy became Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography in 2007. Ms. Miller has been a reviewer for many national portfolio review events, served as juror for numerous art and photography competitions, and curated numerous exhibitions, including an exhibition for a photography festival in China.

Deadline for entries: July 4. Entries will be accepted up to 12 midnight
Notification of Acceptance: July 28
Delivery Deadline for Accepted Artwork: August 20
Exhibition Dates: September 30 – November 30 2016"

Mary Anne Mitchell Exhibition in Niceville, FL

Atlanta-based photographer Mary Anne Mitchell has an exhibition opening in Florida on May 23rd at Holzhauer Gallery.

"May 23 – July 16 Holzhauer Gallery Mary Anne Mitchell, Meet Me in My Dreams

In the Holzhauer Gallery will be Meet Me in My Dreams, an exhibition of works by Mary Anne Mitchell, an Atlanta-based Artist. Meet Me in My Dreams explores the relationship between visual art and the written word through original poetry and a collection of photographs.

Mitchell creates her images using long exposures, wet plate collodion, and digital scanning. Wet plate collodion involves preparing a glass plate with collodion (a chemical solution) and shooting the photograph directly onto the plate. The process was developed in the 1850s and quickly became popular because it produced a multi-use glass negative; it remained the primary means of photography through the 1880s.

Mitchell uses this traditional process to shoot long-exposure photographs that create movement and give the images an ethereal atmosphere. She then scans these plates and prints them on a larger scale to intensify the organic characteristics inherent in the process. The exhibition of Mitchell’s black-and-white dreamscapes will include both plates and prints.

Visitors to the Holzhauer Gallery will even have the opportunity to experience Mitchell’s work as one might have in the 19th century: included in the exhibition are several stereoscopic viewers through which the photographs can be experienced in three dimensions.

Mary Anne Mitchell is an Atlanta-based artist whose work is derived from her experiences and visual dreams that move her to create. The images depict situations, often mysterious, which draw the viewer into a narrative. Mitchell’s work, primarily photographs shot using traditional black-and-white processes, has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the United States. Her art can be found in private and corporate collections across the US and Canada.

Meet Me in My Dreams will conclude with a Closing Reception on Saturday, July 16, 6-7:30 pm, where visitors can meet the artist. The Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries are open Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 4 PM, and 90 minutes prior to curtain during NWF State College’s summer musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. The Galleries are always free and open to the public."

Introducing #PhotosWeLove

(We just sent this out to our ACP email list. To receive blog updates like this via email, festival specific announcements, or volunteer opportunities, please sign-up here.)

Have you fallen in love with a photograph? We've launched a new initiative on Medium to explore how, why, and what we love about photographs (one picture at a time) and we want to hear your story.

While photography's more popular than ever, we're interested in closing the gap left by the ease of clicking "like", "fave", or a bunch of emoji hearts.

For starters, here's an introduction and how-to participate.

Jason Francisco describes the paradox of photographic observation in this self-portrait from Esther Bubley:

Michael David Murphy looks at the how an Internet meme is a gift that keeps giving (like a sewing machine!)

You could be a photographer, curator, collector, scholar, or a fan of your friend's blazing Instagram feed. We want to include stories, articles, remembrances, and hot takes about photographs you love.

Because then, they'll become #PhotosWeLove.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, and please share widely!


(Photo credit: © Esther Bubley; meme photo, unknown)

Fall Line Zine Fundraiser, this Saturday at Murmur


"/ Subject /
IRL Fndraisr Prty

/ Message /
A fundraiser party in support of an upcoming zine publication by Fall Line Projects and participating artists:
Nadia Belvenson
Robie DuChateau
Clovice Holt
Alexis Huckaby
Tikva Lantigua
Spencer Sloan
Patricia Villafañe
Gently Yoused

/ Keywords /
#Art #Artbooks #DJ #Raffle #FoodnDrink #Zine #Party

/ Date + Time /
Saturday, May 7th

/ Location /
100 Broad St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303"

Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink at Hathaway David Contemporary this Fall

While there are plenty of ACP exhibitions in planning for the fall, here's one that's definitely going to happen over at Hathaway David on the Westside: Bill Yates' Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink, which just passed its Kickstarter threshold, too!

Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink - 1972-1973 - Six Mile Creek, Hillsborough County (Tampa) FL
If you'd like to read-up on the project, Fall Line Press has published Alexander Nemerov's introduction to the project:

"The skaters could not realize that their Tampa would become part of the Disneyification of Florida that was just then starting. They could not know that the old rink itself would burn down later in the 1970s. They could not know that Yates, after using some of these photographs to get into the Rhode Island School of Design in 1973, would put the images away for forty years, so that the adolescents of 1972–73 would one day be lifted from boxes and plastic sleeves to experience a new light on their skin, the retrospective illumination of history.

Funny that they party like they sensed all this. This is their last bash—they enjoy themselves like there’s no tomorrow. But their dance is not desperate, and it disdains the name of catastrophe. Instead it unfolds in casual declarations of being that bid a flip defiance to destruction. Momentarily spared the ash and incinerating fumes that laid waste to everything around them, they glory in the good sense of having retreated to the shabby shelter the world has left for them."
Mary Stanley Studio will be popping up this fall on the Westside, presenting an exhibition of silver gelatin photography by Bill Yates at the new Hathaway David Contemporary Gallery. At the Opening Reception on Thursday September 29th, we will be hosting the book launch of The Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink currently being published by Bill Boling and Atlanta-based Fall Line Press.

Mary Stanley Studio pops up at Hathaway David Contemporary Gallery
887 Howell Mill Road, NW Suite 4
Atlanta, GA 30318
Sept. 29th - Nov. 14th

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