ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Anna Skillman


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We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Anna Skillman, owner and director of Jackson Fine Art.

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Anna Skillman is the owner and director of Jackson Fine Art located in Atlanta, GA.  Anna Walker Skillman has been active in the arts community for the last 13 years. After graduating in Art History from the University of Georgia in 1991, she began her career working at the Haines Gallery in San Francisco.  In 1993, Anna moved to Atlanta to manage the studio of artist Todd Murphy. After working with Mr. Murphy, Anna turned to photography and joined Jackson Fine Art in 1997.  In March of 2003, she purchased Jackson Fine Art from Jane Jackson, who became curator of the collection of Sir Elton John. As gallery director and co-curator for the past eight years, Ms. Walker Skillman is committed to a reputation of excellence in exhibiting photography by both emerging and established artists; with a focus on a blend of 20th century and contemporary work. Her commitment to Atlanta is to educate collectors and art enthusiasts as well as exhibit and support leading photographers locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, she has served on the board of AIPAD, the Association of International Photography Dealers.

Ms. Skillman seeks to review complete bodies of work with no more than 25 photographs in the portfolio.  Ms. Skillman is interested in innovative artists with a strong knowledge of the medium, its diverse processes and history.  She prefers to see finished prints presented in the size in which they are intended for exhibition. Ms. Skillman does not like to see scans, slides and print offs of the image for presentation.

ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Clint Alwahab


Registration for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review on October 8th & 9th is open!

We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Clint Alwahab, Senior Photo Editor, CNN.

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Clint Alwahab is a Senior Photo Editor for CNN Digital, overseeing daily production and distribution of all photography across CNN's desktop, mobile web and mobile apps. He is based in the CNN world headquarters in Atlanta.

CNN Photos engages audiences across platforms and enhances storytelling by showcasing photography that is unique, dynamic and informative. We spotlight the best pictures and photo stories from around the world while establishing the CNN brand in the photojournalism community.

Clint can provide feedback on a range of imagery, but focuses mostly on documentary photojournalism. From daily and breaking news coverage to long term storytelling, he can give guidance on shooting and editing as well as presenting your work to major news outlets.

Peter Essick, Public Lecture at Art Institute of Atlanta, Thursday, Aug. 25th


ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Sasha Wolf


Registration for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review on October 8th & 9th is open!

We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Sasha Wolf, Owner, Sasha Wolf Gallery – NYC, NY

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Sasha Wolf Projects represents emerging and mid-career fine art photographers. We work to place our artists in important private and public collections, edit and support various publications and curate and support exhibitions.  SWP is a member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD).

Sasha Wolf reviews or judges work for leading art institutions and fairs numerous times a year (Photo NOLA, ICP, SVA, The New York Times, Women in Photography, Daylight, Look 3, NY Photo Festival) and conducts workshops around the country for artists on working with art galleries (Columbia University MFA, School of Visual Arts MFA, Photo NOLA, Look3, Aperture Foundation).

Sasha Wolf opened her Gallery in the summer of 2007 after spending a number of years as a private photography dealer. Prior to her work in the fine art photography world she was a writer, director and producer in the film and television industries and an award winning short filmmaker. Her last film, Joe, was nominated for the Palme d'Or du court métrage at Cannes and has screened all over the world.

ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Shannon Perich


Registration for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review on October 8th & 9th is open!

We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Shannon Perich, Curator, History of Photography Collection, Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

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Shannon Thomas Perich is the Curator in the Photographic History Collection, Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. She is also the Project Director for a new floor dedicated to the history of American Culture opening in 2018. She has curated many exhibitions including Laughing Matters (2016) and Country: Portraits of an American Sound at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. Her essay included in Charles Mintz book Lustron Stories will be published this fall by Ohio State Press. Previous publications include The Changing Face of Portrait Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital and The Kennedys, Richard Avedon’s photographs of JFK’s family just before his inauguration. She is an occasional blogger for Her collecting focus aspires to triangulate photography with an exploration of individual stories and lives, and a larger national narrative.

Perich is interested in photography of any genre and format that explores question about what it means to be American, responses to popular culture, and intersections with the history of photography. She is open to discussing your projects, advice on Smithsonian internships and fellowships, and how to use historical collections for your work.

ACP Portfolio Reviewer – Tim B. Wride

ME by Maduro - Time Wride

Registration for the ACP 2016 Portfolio Review on October 8th & 9th is open!

We're fired-up about our list of reviewers this year, and wanted to share with you bios of a few of the reviewers (and their photos, of course). Here's Tim B. Wride, Curator of Photography, Norton Museum of Art.

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Tim B. Wride joined the staff at the Norton Museum of Art in 2011. Since that time he has mounted fifteen exhibitions including Outside/In: Florida Photographers Face-to-Face with the Permanent Collection, Clubs, Joints, and Honky-Tonks: Photographers experience the Music World, to name a few. Mr. Wride also coordinated the Norton installations for Elegant Enigmas. Since his arrival he has grown the collection by more than 2000 objects and has commissioned 8 artists to create works specifically for the museum.

Prior to joining the Norton Museum, Tim was the founding director of a non-profit foundation that provided cash grants to artist and was a Curator in the Department of Photographs at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) for 14 years. During his tenure at LACMA, he curated more than 25 permanent collection focus exhibitions as well as larger survey and monographic exhibitions including P.L.A.N.: Photography Los Angeles Now.

As an independent, Wride curated the exhibition, Street Sight, which was the first examination of the unique hybrid of Street Photography in Southern California; and later received a grant to curate Sight Specific: LACPS and the Politics of Community which was presented at the University of Southern California as part of the J. Paul Getty Foundation’s regional initiative to document previously unexplored areas of the region’s art historical influences.

Wride will look at anything in front of him. Be warned, however, he will also tell you what he thinks and will expect you to be as thoughtful and able to express your ideas as he is.

THE FENCE 2016, Unrolled and Unveiled

We had a great Saturday with Sam & Dave from United Photo Industries, installing THE FENCE on the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail. Here's a map, if you'd like to track it down. It's the third year for THE FENCE here in Atlanta, and judging by your comments and questions on Saturday, you're happy to see it's back!

We'd love to see your favorite projects and sections. Feel free to tag us with #acpfest on twitter or instagram, it's the easiest way to share your view. Enjoy it!







Maurice Berger’s “Race Stories” essay in the New York Times

Great to see the new piece from Maurice Berger in today's Lens Blog, "Whiteness and Race, Between the Storms" not only for its critical insight, but for its inclusion of Atlanta's John-Q, and this photo by Bo Shell from John Q's performance at Piedmont Park in 2010.


Berger begins by looking at Pete Mauney's installation of photographs ("Between the Storms") from a photo studio in 1940s Oklahoma, and how Mauney, as an artist, is using the lack of diversity in old Oklahoma to examine whiteness:

"Today, the Republican presidential nominee promises to 'make America great again,' which some political analysts see as a code phrase for turning back the clock on the demographic shifts and multiculturalism that are drastically altering the nation. In this context, Mr. Mauney does something unusual for a white artist: He explores the stark reality of race relations, not through the eyes of its victims but rather through the lens of whiteness, establishing it as a race in need of examination. “Between the Storms” subtly asks its white viewers to confront what many typically refuse to even acknowledge: the lack of diversity in their lives, and the ease with which they, then and now, foster myriad forms of de facto segregation and racist attitudes and behavior.

Yet there are people who still believe that discussions about racism must be initiated by people of color. Implicit in many white liberals’ idealization of Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries of 2008, for example, was the notion that he could bestow upon white America racial “atonement and redemption,” as the writer and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich concluded at the time.

Those expectations ignore an abiding truth: Only white people can resolve the problem of their own prejudice."

Opening Reception for “Meet Me In My Dreams” from Mary Anne Mitchell, on Friday at Chastain Arts Center

20160810_mary-anne-mitchell© Mary Anne Mitchell
Mary Anne Mitchell, a participating artist in "Inspired Georgia" and ACP 2016, has an opening on Friday night, Aug. 12th, at Chastain Arts Center Gallery.

"Chastain Arts Center is pleased to announce "Meet Me In My Dreams", a solo photography based exhibition by Mary Anne Mitchell. This exhibition is presented as part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Based on a poem written by the artist, Meet Me In My Dreams is made up of wet plate collodion images that speak to family, memory, and the ethereal passage of time. The work depicts situations, often mysterious, which evoke her southern roots. The work is created using long exposures, wet plate collodion, and digital scanning to enlarge the images which enhance the organic qualities of this medium. Also included in the exhibition are several old fashioned stereoscopic viewers with photographs which are inspired by the poem as well.

Mary Anne Mitchell is a fine art photographer working primarily with analog processes. She recently was a finalist in the 8th Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the country and can be found in private and corporate collections across the USA, Dubai, Taiwan, and Canada. She lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

What: Meet Me In My Dreams
When: August 12-October 29, 2016
Opening: August 12, 2016 - 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Artist Talk: Saturday, September 24 at 1:00 PM
Exhibiting artists: Mary Anne Mitchell
Where: Chastain Arts Center Gallery, 135 West Wieuca Rd. NW
Admission: FREE
Contact: 404-252-2927"

THE FENCE is unrolling across the country…

It's August, so it must be time for THE FENCE to return to the Atlanta Beltline's Eastside Trail! We couldn't be happier to be bringing back THE FENCE for its 3rd consecutive year, showcasing incredible photographic projects from around the world.

In fact, THE FENCE is already up in Brooklyn Bridge Park (and Santa Fe!) as United Photo Industries prepares for Photoville. If you're a hawk-eyed watcher of vlogger Casey Neistat's daily updates, you probably saw THE FENCE in a quick cameo last week.

We'll be installing Atlanta's version of THE FENCE this Saturday, August 13th, from 10am-1pm(ish). If you'd like to know more about THE FENCE, have a chat with its creative directors from United Photo Industries, Sam Barzilay and Dave Shelley, shoot a time-lapse, or generally lend a helping-hand with installing 700+ feet of photographic goodness (gardening gloves might be helpful) we'd love to see you on Saturday!

Here's a map of the location, starting just south of the North Highland overpass, and ending in front of Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, and Kevin Rathbun Steak.


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